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Agender. They/them pronouns.


Beau~ MYO Pillowing (Unapproved)
AHHH!!!! Look at him!!!! I'm SOOOO happy, I've wanted a pillowing for so long! Thank you to PerpetualPetrichor for giving me the slot and CloverCoin and crew for hosting the event!!!! I hope he gets approved!!!!

- Cotton stuffing
- Pseudo-Claws (Marking that look like claws, not actual claws)
- His heart token is a piece of a gift my dad had gotten me the day I moved in with my mother, I've always been a daddy's girl so when he got it for me I broke down into tears and it always meant so much to me. But sadly, one day something shook the walls in our apartment and the shelf it was on fell and it broke. Hence it being broken in the picture, and it does say "Daddy's Girl".

~Everything Is A Bit Broken~
Even the most beautiful roses start out with thorns until they are dulled down and given away, every piece of glass will eventually break, and every human has their walls. Until one day when they are broken down they'll stand alone, but no longer will I. Cause now I have you, we're both broken and rough around the edges but were here for each other. Cause were all a bit broken, but we'll always be here.

Proof of MYO slot~


Beau belongs to~ MurcuryBlaze 
Pillowings belong to~ CloverCoin 
Why Did The Toast Get Burned
~ He wasn't used to the warmth.

My entry for Simonetry 's DTA

I really hope I win!!!! I love this guy so much!!!! Also, this is my first time making a comic, I think it turned out pretty good. ^^
~Rest In Peace~
I'll never forget you, you made such a big difference in my life. Through high and low you were there. You were a great friend and one of the greatest people I had the pleasure of knowing. I'm glad you no longer have to suffer and that you went peacefully. I'm glad I got to see you one last time before you passed.... I love you and I'll miss you so much. Thank you for everything you've done for me.
CP~ White Rabbit (Updated)
Full Name: Jay Harrison

Meaning of name:

Jay= To rejoice
Harrison= Son of Harrison

Nickname(s): Mr. Bunny, Bunny man

Creepypasta Name: White Rabbit

How Did They Get This Name and Why: He used the name as a pseudonym, as well as it being the name of the orphanage he runs.

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Date of Birth: December 15th

Place of Birth: Eureka Montana

Current Place of Residence: One house in Alberta and one in Green River Wyoming (When you randomly poke a male to find a 2nd)

Race/Species: Human

Native language: English

Languages spoken: German, English (Mother was from Germany while father was American)

Orientation/Sexual Preference: No preference, Asexual (Believes sex is evil when a child is not wanted from it)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Religion: Christian (More or less)

Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): Orphanage caretaker

Are They Dead: Nope


Blood type: A-

Mental Disorder: Co-dependency

Phobia(s): Athazagoraphobia (Fear of being alone), Aphenphosmphobia (Fear of being touched), Philophobia (Fear of love)

Allergies: Allergic to most animals besides rabbits and a few others

Habits: Comparing himself to parents, keeping watch of small children, playing with kids toys unconsciously

Powers/Special Abilities: None


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 164 lbs

Hair color: Grayish white

Hairstyle: Combed neatly over to the right, ear length on top and tapered down in the back and sides

Eye color: A less saturated pinkish red

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None

Scars/Weird Marking(s): Scars all over his shoulders, collarbones, neck, and shoulder blades

Birthmark: Small barely visible marks on his collarbones

Skin: Lightest shade of Pallor Caucasian

Clothing/Style: More proper and neat, even his relax clothes are fancy patterned and almost formal looking, warm colors
Usually wears when out~ Hooded half button up sweater, normal sweater, an undershirt, slim fitted jeans, dress shoes or normal black shoes,

Jewelry/Accessories: 3 rings on his left hand one on his index, middle, and ring finger.

Weapon(s): A hockey stick or a baseball bat

Physical Disorder/Disability: Albinism (Technically classed as a disability due to the probability of eye disorders but most are as healthy as normal people are)

Never Seen Without: His 3 rings no matter what he's doing other than cleaning himself he will always have them on. (They bring him comfort.)

Other: I always put trivia in these so here's a bit of trivia- For Halloween he always dressed up as a white rabbit when he was little


Child: When he was little he was very quiet and rarely talked, he was very isolates due to being sheltered by his mother, while his father was a very open and energetic person who he got most of his outgoing side from. After his father passed away his quietness went to full on mute. He never talked once and became so isolated he was afraid to be touched by others. He would often cry when someone touched him, especially when it was around his neck and shoulder area.

Teen: Around this time is when his mother started to be more violent with him making him more timid and scared around any sort of authority figure, eventually getting to the point of resenting them on sight. His mother constantly showed her own resentment for him often wishing out loud that he was a girl so he wasn't as "awkward". He just thought that he was a disappointment, so he decided to run away when he was almost 17. Once he was put into away orphanage he developed Philophobia, he didn't want to feel what his mother made him feel so he pushed away any sort of relationship and often his in his room. He was so socially inept that he would wear a paper bag over his head as a way to make himself more confident around others even if he didn't speak.

Adult: When he got out of the orphanage his quietness continued and his anger/resentment for adults grew seeing them as unholy and sinful by nature. When he started his orphanage he eventually started to feel how he did for adults for teens, especially when he found certain "unholy" items and acts being done. His Aphenphosmphobia lessened quite a bit, but he still disliked being touched by certain people and even shook when a hand was gestured towards him. He still pushed away any real relationship when one popped up, especially one that could have been mistaken for romantic. Around his 20th year his anger and hatred towards those who hurt children began to surface. He believed that anyone with the capacity to hurt a child didn't deserve to luxury of being deemed human, in his eyes they were animals, and who cared about abnormal animals life. He started to think that they didn't deserve to live and when he saw a child being hurt he eventually lashed out at the "parent". It got to the point where he started taking matters into his own hands and "terminating" those he found unfit for the world.

Likes: Taking care of children, rabits, rings, innocence, watching children play and build relationships, warmth, Winter, Fall

Dislikes: Adults, some teens, any form of sexual behavior, alcohol, drugs, cars, Summer, Spring, being cold, being touched unless by someone he is very close to and nothing other than his arms or the too and back of his head or else he feels very uncomfortable.

Hobbies: Volunteers at orphanages when staying in other cities, takes care of bunnies, painting, walking out in the country, collecting rings

Most Prized Possession: His rings

Flaws: Very clingy once he gets close enough to someone, very dependent on others, likes to have others depend on him (so he often forces himself into situations), easily angered when he's around adults, believes in some forms of vigilantly justices and practices them. Believes heavilly in touching being a form of sin but wants to be held by someone who cares about him (Tries to pray it away and frequently asks God for forgiveness for his "sins")

Pet Peeve: People hurting or being mean to children

Worst Way To Die: Car crash

Best Way To Die: Surrounded by people who care about him

Worst Way To Kill: Anything when a child is around, doesn't usually prefer killing over injury.

Best Way To Kill (how they kill): Not at all, or just to beat them to death with blunt objects

Targets To Killing: Adults who hurt children

Others: MORE TRIVia- He was originally going to kill children instead ^^'

Motto(s): Children are the blessings in a forsaken world. Children do no harm.

Crush/Greatest Love: NONE! Since he hates most adults he has no romantic interest in them ^^

Favorite Season(s): Fall

Least Favorite Season(s): Summer

Favorite Food(s): Salmon

Least Favorite Food(s): Sweets

Favorite Drink(s): Any kind of milk

Least Favorite Drink(s): Soda or any sweet drink

Favorite Color(s): White

Least Favorite Color(s): Brown, black, green, yellow (Sees them as dirty)

Favorite Number(s): 1

Least Favorite Number(s): Any other number

Favorite Holiday(s): Fourth of July

Least Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas

Favorite Animal(s): Bunnies

Least Favorite Animal(s): Any other animal

Favorite Music: Doesn't like music to much

Least Favorite Music: RAP

Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): Doesn't watch TV

Least Favorite Show/Movie(s): Doesn't watch TV

Favorite Flower(s): White roses

Least Favorite Flower(s): Red roses

Favorite Smell(s): Strawberry, vanilla, natural smells

Least Favorite Smell(s): Chocolate, artificial smells

Favorite Flavor(s): Savory stuff

Least Favorite Flavor(s): Anything sweet

Favorite Meal: Salmon Planks

Least Favorite Meal: Anything with a lot of vegetables

Favorite Place(s): The country outside his homes

Least Favorite Place(s): Large cities

Favorite Song(s): Doesn't listen to much music

Least Favorite song(s): Any rap songs

Favorite Video Game(s): Anything the kids he helps like to play

Least Favorite Video Game(s): Most anything else

Favorite Subject(s): Art, culinary arts

Least Favorite Subject(s): Gym, Biology

Seiyuu (Voice Actor/Actress): Undecided


Name: Chrissy Harrison
Age: 48
Gender: Female
Hair Style: Mid-back length, pulled back into a pony tail with bottom 1/3 braided
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Color: Blue
_ View On Him/Her: Jay loves his mom unconditionally even though she think's he's her punishment for sinning, was very dependent on her until he moved out. (Well he was kicked out)

~(Real Father)~
Name: Sean Jacobs
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Hair Style: Messy/bedhead
Hair Color: White
Eyes Color: Saturated pinkish red
_ View On Him/Her: He's never met him and doesn't know he's his dad

Name: James Harrison
Age: 53 (Passed away)
Gender: Male
Hair Style: Slicked back neatly
Hair Color: Black
Eyes Color: Green
_ View On Him/Her: He loved his dad even more than his mom, because he actually loved Jay back. And when he did Jay was devastated.

Pet(s): A white bunny named Snowflake


Jay belongs to me MurcuryBlaze 
If you'd like to draw him or write about him, feel free to do so just tag me so I can see it! 

Also, critiques welcome, I'd love to hear input on him! (AND I know he needs improvement XD)


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